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Medicalights & Equipment
Surgical, Examination, MRI Compatible, LED and Custom Lighting Solutions. Surgical Tables, and Patient Monitors..
Sunnex Medicalights    
Sunnex Task Lighting
Industrial, Assembly & Inspection, Home & Office, LED and Specialty Lighting Products.
Sunnex Tasklights    
Sunnex Mounts & Leveling Feet
Anti-vibration Mounts, Leveling Feet, Stainless Steel, Leveling Casters, and Specialty Products.
Sunnex Mounts & Leveling Feet    

For over 40 years, Sunnex has manufactured products built for durability and high performance. Today, Sunnex is comprised of three distinct product groups. These include Medical Lighting; Task Lighting & Machine Lights; and Direct Leveling & Anti-Vibration solutions.

  1. Sunnex’s medical lighting products include medical lights, surgical lights,
    examination lights, MRI lighting, and dental lights.
  2. Sunnex’s medical equipment products include EKG monitors, and patient monitors.
  3. Sunnex’s line of task lighting and machine lights include task lights, machine lighting,
    marine lighting, boat lights, and map lights.
  4. Sunnex’s direct leveling and anti-vibration products include leveling feet and
    leveling mounts, vibration control and vibration isolation mounts and pads.

The company has sales and service representatives in over 40 countries worldwide. For detailed information, please enter one of the product groups above.