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Offers Intense, Concentrated Spot Lighting
January 3, 2006
Sunnex, a leading manufacturer of medical lighting, introduces its Solo Spot Exam Light, offering powerful and concentrated spot lighting for dental applications. With up to 3,000 footcandles (32,400 lux) of illumination, it is ideal for tasks requiring intense focused lighting including oral surgery and other dental procedures.

The Solo Spot Exam Light has a unique double filtered lens and lampshade extension which helps keep the light cool and ensures excellent shadow control. Its flexible gooseneck arm and swivel designed lamp head allow for easy adjustment and maneuverability of the light. In addition, the powerful 20-watt halogen light source provides unparalleled light intensity in the oral cavity when performing surgeries. The Solo Spot also maintains a color temperature of 4100K. Available in a variety of configurations including mobile, c-clamp, wall and ceiling.

After being tested at the Dana Kliniken in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Gorg Tellefsen provided these comments: “The Solo Spot light provided me with the perfect solution for oral surgery. The flexible lamp head was easy to position and gave me the direct and focused light I needed during surgery; greatly enhancing the existing exam light already on the chair. Also, its unique arm system allowed the x-ray to be moved below the light when I performed an x-ray examination”. The Solo Spot is currently being used by several well established oral surgeons worldwide.

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