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Charlotte, NC 28273
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New Locations for Sunnex

December 1, 2010
December 1, 2010 - We are pleased to inform that Sunnex Incís has moved to two new locations. Sunnexís new sales and administrative office for Sunnex Lighting and Sunnex Medical products is located at:

230 Second Ave., 150 Suite
Waltham, Ma 02451

The new Operations location is shared with Ace Medical, another Amplex Group company. The building is considerably larger and more modern than Sunnex and Ace Medicalís old facilities giving both companies better opportunity to grow. The new building will house Sunnex Manufacturing and Purchasing as well as all functions for Ace Medical. The new address for Sunnex vendors are:

1551 102nd Ave. Suite #A
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

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Phone : 800-445-7869
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About Sunnex
For over 40 years, Sunnex has provided the finest products in the industrial and medical market. Sunnex manufactures unique quality products designed for durability and high-performance. Sunnex Medical offers solutions for the medical market – light products, patient monitors and surgical tables. Sunnex sales and service representatives are located in over 40 countries worldwide, with the North American office & manufacturing in Charlotte, NC. Sunnex is an ISO registered company.

Sunnex Inc. manufactures a complete line of quality lighting and magnification systems for the assembly, consumer, medical, and industrial markets. The North American Sunnex facility is located at 9319 Forsyth Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273; international facilities are located in Sweden and France. Tel: (800) 445-7869 Fax: (888) 668-1920 Web:

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